Re-entry 2020 pt.2

Inaccurate accusations are all the more terrible for allowing actual inadequacies to go unrecognised. Underestimated and reduced to the level of rubble in the street, I find this is where the devil lives. The imaginary line between one and none…

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Re-entry 2020

Stu Bae Blog 

New year’s resolution: Continue this blog. Did I mention I was cynical about this stuff? I don’t follow other people’s blogs. Most that I’ve come across are chirpy chirpy cheep cheap fakery or melodramatic woe-is-me artistic…

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Final Destination

0125 hrs 

38°23.749N 020°59.506E 

Speed 5.3 

Course 332° 

After our fry last night, we had another beer, and decided the anchor watch schedule. Dan took the first at nine o’clock, mine was three hours later. The boat was still being…

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April 2nd 00:45 local time

N               E 
Well, what a day April Fool’s day was. After banging our way through the military area, happily without a hint of submarines, I slept a little and got up five nautical miles from the Corinth canal. Captain briefs…

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April 1st 2012 0517 local time

Oh what am fool am I. hehe A tired fool, me. So tired. Again. Up at 0300 for watch. Woke up automatically fifteen minutes before we were passing south of the shipping lane out of Athens. Ships everywhere. Skipper was…

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Anchored at 36°52’57” 025°55’20”

 0740 Local sunrise over the hill. Dan cooks a fry, wind’s dropped, we head towards Corinth today.

0810 Up anchor, course 290° to waypoint at 36°51’55” 025°37’15” From Nicos Amorgos with Nicos Honousa to the north, towards Nicos Naxos through…

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March 30th

And so ends the ballad of Adam and Eve, we just have the simple task of delivering a different boat from here to Vounaki in Greece. It’s a short run compared to our marathon crossing from France. An…

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Dalisa Yasak

0537 GMT+2 (We think. Has daylight saving come in yet? What time is it at home? What time zone are we in? Really, we’re clueless) 

36°30’849N 27°55’296E 

Speed 5.2 knots, course 85°T 

The first glimpse I have of Turkey…

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Sunrise over Santorini

0700 GMT+1

Dan woke me slightly early, eight miles east of the islands. A red ruby crimson sun rose over the northern headland. As red as the blood in my veins. So beautiful, but I can’t help thinking of the…

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1030 GMT+2
36°23’216N 023 01’538E

Now and again the plotter, our GPS navigation system, loses it’s satellite signal. It announces this with a few beep beep beeps and describes itself as “not following”. This can also be said for us…

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New Moon


34°04’353N  20°42’435E 

ETA Pylos 8h39

On watch since 0300. So tired. Ate duck last night. Lovely, with baked spuds and honey. Nearly puked it all over the side at the start of my watch but I managed to…

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Dawn Watch

Where that first night of our voyage the sea had a quiet menace to it, the wilder sea of the Ionian is pure fierce energy. Dangerous, terrifying and also wonderful. Perfect wind for experienced sailors but chaotic for us others…

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